Bark, bark, bark – Will you please shut up


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I swear I'm a good boy.

Have I mentioned before that my dog Logan has a barking problem?  Like all the collies I have owned Logan likes to bark at anything that moves.  It’s not a protective bark, it’s more of a “Hey come here and play with me” kind of bark.  If you have ever watched the show Lassie you know exactly what I am talking about.  As a child I used to love that show.  Now the constant barking and whining of its star drives me up the walls.

I’ve tried obedience training and all that managed to do was teach him he can bark sitting, lying down, while doing a recall  etc. . .   Last year I purchased a bark collar and that didn’t help at all.  I pretty much gave up on finding a solution and resigned myself to having a dog that was occasionally irritating.

Fast forward to this year – One of my neighbors now has a small dog and another put up a swing set in their backyard close to my property line.  Now Logan has plenty of things to bark at, and I have neighbors who are getting tired of the noise.

I decided to try again with the electronic bark control collar, but this time decided to buy a top of the line Tritronics model.  I started the correction level at level 1 and have now worked up to level 4 with some but not total success.  Tomorrow I am going to trade out the short contact posts for the longer ones to see if that makes a difference.  Hopefully i can get this problem fixed so our neighborhood can enjoy the upcoming spring and summer in peace.

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